How to follow the WP Blueprint guide?

There are five main sections:

  1. Register online accounts.
  2. Install required tools and apps to your local environment.
  3. Setup and configure your local development environment.
  4. Setup and configure your server environment.
  5. Show you an example workflow you can use to navigate your setup quickly.

Each section consists of several sub-sections with steps and instructions, including visual guides and sample configuration files.

To set up and configure your WordPress development environment, you just go down the list and complete each section in ascending order.

Once you reach the last main section, we offer you an example workflow you can use and follow daily.

Most of the steps need to be set up and configured only once.

Note: You need to understand some development tools and topics discussed in the next section.

However, if you are a web developer looking to set up a web development environment and workflow, you are probably comfortable or at least have worked with all the tools and apps used in WP Blueprint.