Clone GitHub Repository

You need to clone your GitHub repository (files you pushed from the server) to your local machine.

Before you do this step, you need to complete steps 1-6 from Server Setup > SiteGround.

The GitHub repository tracks all changes made to files in your project online, building a history over time.

To have your WordPress install files locally, you need to clone the GitHub repository.

1. Clone our GitHub repository

We will use our repository https:// link and GitHub Desktop application for authentication.

To keep a secondary backup, we will create a top local repository directory under C:\Users\username\Dropbox and name it GitHub.

Then to make the actual repository clone open Command Prompt, navigate into the top repository directory with cd, and run the following command:

C:\Users\username\DropBox\GitHub> git clone

You will be asked to authenticate (see screenshots below), and once you do, you will have a GitHub repository clone on your local machine.