Configure PuTTY with Pageant

We need to configure PuTTY for fast and easy login to our SiteGround server.

The private key is secret, known only to the user, and should be encrypted and stored safely.

1. Open Pageant and click Add Key

We are using the 3rd tool that comes with PuTTY, Pageant, to store our private PuTTY-ecdsa.ppk key safely.

2. Go to SiteGround DEVS > SSH Keys Manager

Then look for SSH Credentials and save or remember the username, hostname, and port (e.g., 18765).

3. Create and save PuTTY session

Lastly, open PuTTY:

  1. Add hostname (e.g.,; you can also use an IP Address found on the Dashboard
  2. Add port (e.g., 18765)
  3. Go to Connection > Data on the sidebar and add your Auto-login username
  4. Go back to Session; enter the name in Save Session and click Save

You will be auto-logged to your SiteGround hosting server via the terminal when you click Open.